About Donald

After graduating from Texas Womens University with a masters in psychology, I sought to bring change to the therapy practice through adaptive counseling strategies. For over 30 years, I have exhibited my expertise in a variety of settings, including in-patient and out-patient facilities, family court cases, conferences, and the occasional seminar.

I specialize in marriage counseling areas such as pre- and post-marriage counseling, communication skill development, self-esteem, conflict resolution, and intimacy. I can even engage with you over a wide array of psychological and interpersonal issues including depression, anxiety, negative thinking and stress management.

Dallas area clients can choose from a broad array of general therapist services, family therapy services or marriage counseling services that fit their individual needs. My practice has helped thousands of clients successfully handle difficult issues by tailoring practical solutions that develop positive relationships.


 University of West Georgia, BA
 Texas Womens University, MA

Certifications & Licenses:

 Licensed Professional Counselor
 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My specialized therapist services have helped scores of couples overcome conflict. made marriages stronger, and resolved parent-child conflicts using the tools they need to communicate, forgive, and move forward.

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